Nevis, January 11, 2023

For the first time since the AHA Society’s inception eleven years ago, members of the AHA Society Board were able to join the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS) in person to mark together Alexander Hamilton’s birthday in his birthplace on Nevis.

Since the 1960s, NHCS has marked Hamilton’s birthday by a tea party and scholarship fundraising event at the Alexander Hamilton Museum. All proceeds from the fundraiser go to the Alexander Hamilton Scholarship Fund that assists high school students from low-income families with uniforms and school supplies. This year, the Hamilton Tea Party was organized by NHCS staff and volunteers, led by NHCS President Richard Lupinacci, Museum Consultant Lorna Glover Abungu, and Supervisor of the Hamilton Museum Eliesel Ramirez Dorsett.

On beautiful, sunny January 11th, The Annual NHCS Hamilton Tea Party opened with the unveiling of five bronze plaques, donated by the AHA Society to provide historical context to the splendid bronze statue of Alexander Hamilton installed in the courtyard of the Museum in July 2022. NHCS President Richard Lupinacci’s remarks guided visitors back to the years of Hamilton’s early childhood there. The plaques, mounted elegantly on the historic wall, were unveiled by AHA Society Vice Chair Tom Oller and NHCS President Lupinacci. Also present at the ceremony was AHA Society Board Member Mary Herzog. AHA Society Chair Mariana Oller delivered remarks noting that “The AHA Society is honored to collaborate with the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society and the Nevis Island Administration in the production of these bronze plaques, which effectively complement the statue of Hamilton erected here last summer. We trust they will preserve the memory of Alexander Hamilton and serve as an inspiration to future generations of visitors to this beautiful island to make the world a better place, just as this remarkable Son of Nevis did!”

The festivities moved inside the well-appointed Hamilton House, with Master of Ceremonies Eliesel Ramirez Dorsett. Among the speakers were Janette Nisbett-Meloney, Director, Community Development Department, and the Honorable Jahnel Nisbett, Junior Minister for Community Affairs and Former NHCS Executive Director. Ms. Hope Trott, from the Trott Family—originators of the Hamilton Scholarship Program–delivered a Vote of Thanks to the gathered.

The Hamilton Tea Party guests enjoyed tea along with delicious food and a memorable Hamilton Birthday Cake donated by The Hermitage. Other sponsors of the event were L & L Rumshop, Queen City Bar & Lounge, Nevis Chefs, Métisse, and the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society.

The fundraiser succeeded in raising funds for twelve more scholarships to be presented to students this year. In the words of the AHA Society Chair Mariana Oller: “There is no better way to capture the essence of Hamilton’s life than to underscore the value of education in enabling.”

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