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If you enjoy seeing history, we feel sure you will enjoy the special exhibits we create regularly, and which can be found on our website after the physical term has ended. Special exhibitions offer visitors a great opportunity to learn about Alexander Hamilton’s life and often view original Hamilton artifacts that are normally locked away in archives.

The following are exhibitions that the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society has co-curated or contributed towards:

Current Exhibitions

Alexander Hamilton: Son of Nevis, Visionary American Founding Father

This exhibit is displayed at the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace Museum in Charlestown, Nevis, under the care of the Nevis Historical & Conservation Society (NHCS). It is a gift from the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, 2022.

Past Exhibitions

ALEXANDER HAMILTON: IMMIGRANT, PATRIOT, VISIONARY” EXHIBIT at NOva Southeastern University, Fort lauderdale, Florida

Dates: March 17, 2019 – April 15, 2019

An exhibit featuring works by and about Alexander Hamilton, his life and times, and his legacy from the personal collections of Adam Levinson, Esq. and others. The exhibit will include legal texts, Acts of Congress, Acts of Parliament, Continental currency, and newspapers from Levinson’s statuesandstories.com collection that illustrate Hamilton’s legacy. Rand Scholet will speak on April 14th.

Alexander Hamilton: America’s Indispensable Founder and Visionary

This 2014 exhibition debuted at the Museum of American Finance in New York City with former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner officiating the ribbon-cutting ceremony. John Herzog, the founder of the Museum of American Finance, and Mariana Oller, Chair of the AHA Society co-curated the exhibit, which included many rare Hamilton documents.

Alexander Hamilton: First Secretary of the Treasury

Another exhibition of 2014, which featured Library of Congress prints on Alexander Hamilton and his life, was installed at the Pequot Library in Southport, Connecticut to celebrate the 225th anniversary of Alexander Hamilton becoming Secretary of the Treasury. The AHA Society created a companion activity sheet for students to explore the exhibition.

Alexander Hamilton: Visionary & Founder

This exhibition at the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library (RBML) at the Butler Library, Columbia University in New York City in 2014 was co-curated by AHA Society Chair Mariana Oller. Among the items featured were Hamilton’s own copy of The Federalist, the first editions of his major reports to Congress during his tenure as Secretary of the Treasury, manuscripts in Hamilton’s hand, and personal artifacts that belonged to Alexander and Eliza from the RBML collections.

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