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Inspiring Founding Father

There are many inspiring Founding Fathers, both known and unknown. So why is THE AHA SOCIETY dedicated to raising awareness about Alexander Hamilton? Despite being relatively unknown by modern Americans, Hamilton left a incredible legacy for the United States. Discover more:

  • Why do we say that THE AHA SOCIETY has revealed a shocking discovery?
  • Why do so few Americans know who Alexander Hamilton is?
  • Why should every American know about Alexander Hamilton?
  • What is THE AHA SOCIETY doing to get the word out about Hamilton?

Why do we say that THE AHA SOCIETY has revealed a shocking discovery?

Have we uncovered new documents or found buried letters? Not at all. Actually, our discovery contains no new evidence that can’t be found throughout many existing books. Rather, the brilliant vision and contributions of Alexander Hamilton have been diffused and misrepresented at times in the historical record. The result has been that Alexander Hamilton has either been forgotten or unfairly painted in the light of an antagonistic villain.

Alexander Hamilton’s contributions and his dedication to the founding of the nation were truly great. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington wrote that Hamilton was his “principal and most confidental aide.” Hamilton then went beyond that to become Washington’s right hand man, and in fact “idea man”, for over 22 years. This is part of the discovery called “The Essence of Alexander Hamilton’s Greatness.”™

This discovery proves that Alexander Hamilton was not only ‘Washington’s Indispensable Partner’™, but also ‘America’s Indispensable Founder’™. By conducting an accurate and comprehensive analysis of the Founding Fathers, we conclusively show that Alexander Hamilton is in fact a historical figure worth studying and understanding.

Why do so few Americans know who Alexander Hamilton is?

Unfortunately, our nation has invested its scarce educational resources in only a few of our Founding Fathers.  People rarely learn about anyone’s contributions other those by Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Most of the other Founding Fathers and Key Contributors are but a footnote in history. Except for those who read a few substantial biographies on the Founding Fathers or study Early American history in-depth, people are generally unaware of the many people it took to establish the United States.

These efforts to highlight Alexander Hamilton’s contributions to America are only a subset of a larger initiative to bring to the public attention many of America’s unsung heroes.  To date, forty-seven Key Contributors have been identified. These ‘Forgotten Founders’ will be given the spotlight they deserve in an affiliated organization called “America the Miracle.” This group is in the early stages of obtaining funding and resources.

THE AHA SOCIETY will announce when the website for “America, the Miracle” goes live.

Why should every American know about Alexander Hamilton?

More than any other founder, Alexander Hamilton created the vision and foundations that established a strong and successful United States. Despite the fact that many early U.S. Presidents ridiculed Alexander Hamilton’s government and economic systems, they then ran their own Presidential office with those systems and policies intact. This is because they soon realized the effectiveness of Alexander Hamilton’s policies.

We see Hamilton’s legacy in the towering skyscrapers of New York City, the manufacturing plants of Patterson, New Jersey, the watchful boats of the Coast Guard, the decisions of the judicial courts, the office of the Presidency, the debates in the Legislature…and every time we pay with a $10 bill. These are just a few of the reasons why Americans need to know about him. The America we know today would not exist if it hadn’t been for Alexander Hamilton.

What is THE AHA SOCIETY doing to get the word out about Hamilton?

Because we do not grow up learning about Alexander Hamilton, when we do read something about him, it doesn’t ‘stick.’ It is the mission of THE AHA SOCIETY to build the foundational understanding for people, from which they grow their awareness. We achieve this initially through our two presentations, Washington’s Indispensable Partner™ and America’s Indispensable Founder. ™

These presentations – coming out in book form soon – give a context for understanding Hamilton. This invaluable perspective then allows other information about the Founding Fathers to come alive. Besides these two presentations/books, THE AHA SOCIETY’s goals include the restoration of Hamilton’s gravesite at Trinity Church in lower Manhattan; the development of more books, videos, a mini-series & movies; and all culminating with a Hamilton Memorial in Washington, D.C. by 2029. All these efforts tie into our overall goal – that the American public comes away sparked with an interest to discover more about Alexander Hamilton, his contemporaries, and this remarkable time period.

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